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Para poder listar su granja o finca, esta debe cumplir con los requisitos básicos de desarrollar la agricultura orgánica o sustentable. Debe tener la capacidad para recibir a los voluntarios en condiciones de hospedaje apropiadas y ofrecerles 3 comidas al día, brindándoles también oportunidades de aprendizaje. No está permitido, solicitar dinero a los WWOOFers como pago, contribución, donaciones, etc. El hospedaje y la alimentación deben darse a cambio únicamente de su trabajo, (por alrededor de 5-6 horas al día por un máximo de 6 días a la semana).  



Envienos un email en ingles a wwoofmail@yahoo.com con la siguiente informacion:  nombre de la granja o finca, nombre de la persona a cargo, dirección de correo para contacto con los WWOOFers, numero de teléfono, ubicación de la granja o finca y dirección (incluyendo provincia y país), descripción de la granja o finca(dimensiones, cultivos, condiciones, proyectos, actividades etc.), trabajo que se requiere realicen los WWOOFers, descripción del hospedaje y los alimentos ofrecidos, requisitos especiales o cualquier otra información que deban saber los WWOOFers antes de su visita (reglas, restricciones, tiempo mínimo o máximo de estadía, cosas para llevar, información sobre la zona, etc.).


Si su finca no cumple con estas condiciones, puede afiliarla a TribuVerde. TribuVerde es un listado que también ponemos a disposición de los WWOOFers, en el que incluimos a las fincas o proyectos que no cumplen con los requisitos de no cobrar y/o de ser fincas orgánicas. Si usted deséa afiliar su finca a TribuVerde, continúe con este trámite e indique su intención de afiliarse a TribuVerde al llenar el cuestionario de aifiliación en el paso siguiente.




For your farm to be listed with us, it should meet the basic requirements of organic or sustainable farming practices and being able to host volunteers by offering a learning experience, suitable accommodation and 3 meals a day free of charge and  in exchange only for their work at the farm. You should be able to provide work for them for about 5 or 6 hours a day for up to 6 days a week. No money is ever to be asked from them in terms of fees, donations or contributions of any sort. 


Send us an email in English to wwoofmail@yahoo.com with the following:   farm's name, name of owner or person in charge, email address for contact with WWOOFers, phone number, farm's location and address (including province and country), description of the farm (size, conditions, crops, projects, activities, etc.), work required from WWOOFers, description of accommodation and meals provided, special requirements or anything you would like WWOOFers to know before visiting your farm (rules or restrictions, minimum or maximum length of stay, things to bring, information about area, etc). 



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If you are not already a member, email us at wwoofcostarica@yahoo.com


If you are a member, you may click on "Contact Us" in the main menu or email us at 



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Traveling with pet 1 Reply

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World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms


WWOOF Costa Rica is an information service linking travellers like you with organic farms in Costa Rica. By joining WWOOF Costa Rica you get access to member farms where you can stay from a week to several months.

Farms listed WWOOF Costa Rica are part of a world-wide effort to promote the concept of organic farming, sustainable agriculture and responsible consumer habits. As part of this effort, host farms offer WWOOF members the opportunity to learn by doing. Listed farms will host WWOOF members free of charge. As a guest in a WWOOF farm your learning experience is based on you participating in the daily chores of running the farm. In doing so, you can learn a variety of techniques employed by member farms including organic farming, Permaculture and Biodynamics. In addition to learning about organic farming, you can also learn about the local ecology and culture while getting to meet fun and interesting people.

Your daily chores at member farms may include harvesting, preparing soil for planting, milking, cleaning pens, digging trenches, maintaining fences and such; and generally involve about 5 to 7 hours per day, 5 to 6 days per week. Each farm has its own chores, rules and schedules.

WWOOF Costa Rica is affiliated to the International WWOOF Association (www.wwoof.org and www.wwoofinternational.org) which promotes environmentally friendly farming and consumer habits by helping bridge the gap between consumers and environmentally-responsible farmers. WWOOF Costa Rica compiles and publishes for its members a list of host farms throughout Costa Rica. With this list, you can contact the farm(s) which you wish to visit and make the necessary arrangements for your stay.

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Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you need help, please read the following questions to see if your questions are answered here (we will not reply to any emails with questions that are answered here). If not, please contact us by clicking on "Contact Us" in the main menu if you are a member, or by emailing us at wwoofcostarica@yahoo.com if you are not yet a member.

Are there any costs involved in joining WWOOF Costa Rica?

Yes. When you join WWOOF Costa Rica, you pay a yearly fee of $16 U.S. While in Costa Rica, you are fully and solely responsible for your travel and personal expenses.


How do I pay for my WWOOF Costa Rica membership?

You pay by credit card or PayPal through our website only. Please do not mail cash or checks.


I already paid but I have not received my email invitation to enter my profile / I already paid but I cannot see the farm list


: It takes up to 4 days to activate your membership once you have filled in your profile information. Please wait 4 days after you pay before you write to us.  After you make your payment, an email invitation is sent to you to the email address you used when you paid. Check your spam inbox to make sure it did not go there. If you did not receive your email invitation, please email us at wwoofcostarica@yahoo.com. If you used one email address to pay and another to sign up, there is no way we can match your payment with your personal information and your membership will not be activated. If you did this, send us an email.

What is my membership number? / I did not get my membership number

We no longer issue a membership number. Host farms can verify that you are a member of WWOOF Costa Rica by looking you up in this website. Your membership is valid for one year.

Do I need insurance?

WWOOF Costa Rica does not require you to have insurance, but we highly recommend purchasing accident and health insurance covering you in Costa Rica and wherever else you will be travelling. Some Host Farms may require you to provide them with proof of insurance. You may purchase insurance by clicking HERE.

Can I share my WWOOF member farm listing with my partner or with other travellers?

No. The contact information for the Host Farms will be provided to you under the condition that it not be shared. Only WWOOF Costa Rica members may be hosted at listed farms. Travellers sharing information or farms hosting non-WWOOF members will automatically lose their WWOOF Costa Rica membership and may even be subject to legal action. Anyone contacting WWOOF Costa Rica host farms who is not a member of WWOOF Costa Rica may be banned from joining WWOOF Costa Rica and from visiting any WWOOF Costa Rica host farm.

Do children pay a membership fee?

Yes. Adults travelling with children must also pay for the membership of their children. Many farms may not accept guests with children, so be sure to check with your host before making any other arrangements.

Can I travel with my pet?

In general, most farms do not accept pets. Check with your host first.

Do I just show up at the farm of my choice?

No. You need to first contact the farm of your choice, and verify that they can host you on the dates you want. You must also verify conditions and requirements directly with your host prior to your arrival.

How long can I stay at the farm?

Each farm has different minimum and maximum lengths of stay, but they generally run from one week to several months. Check with your host and be sure to establish the length of your stay before you arrive.

Who can join WWOOF Costa Rica?

Anyone of age 18 or older, with a valid passport from a country not requiring exit visas or travel permits from its citizens is eligible to join WWOOF Costa Rica. WWOOF Costa Rica is NOT a volunteer work, work or work-exchange programme, and will therefore not issue memberships to anyone attempting to get work or immigration visas or intending to illegally enter Costa Rica or any other country.

Is WWOOF Costa Rica a volunteer work or a work-exchange programme?

Neither. WWOOF is run slightly differently in each country where it operates. WWOOF Costa Rica is not a volunteer work or work-exchange programme: It is an information service linking travellers with organic farms which promote sustainable farming by hosting travellers for free.

Can WWOOF Costa Rica help me get a visa?

No. WWOOF Costa Rica will not get involved in any process having to do with visas or travel permits, and will not issue invitations, letters or any document to that effect.

Will WWOOF Costa Rica help me in case I have a problem?

WWOOF Costa Rica does not get involved with your safety and well-being at any time. WWOOF Costa Rica serves only as a good-will link between farms and travellers and does not evaluate the quality or validity of the programmes and facilities available at host farms. However, we may cancel the WWOOF Costa Rica membership of any host farms or travellers against whom a valid complaint has been filed. To file a complaint please go to Feedback. WWOOF Costa Rica highly recommends purchasing travel and health insurance. You may purchase insurance by clicking HERE.


























Preview FARMS

If you are a member of WWOOF Costa Rica, you can see the full list  by clicking on "See FARMS". If you are not yet a member you need to join before you can see the full list of farms. The preview bellow shows a representative sample of some of the farms in our list, and may not be updated or might contain some inaccurate information.

Location of Farm

Cataratas, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica


We are a 23 hectare farm with lots of Banana, Plantain, Yucca, Sugarcane, Cacao, and Coffee. Two houses, Greenhouse,hoop house, and two tilapia ponds. A horse, lots of chickens, dogs, and cats. Two rivers meet at the point which is the entrance to our sanctuary. Lots of waterfalls nearby. The towns of Puerto Viejo and Bri Bri are really close so all internet and social needs can be met there. Please feel free to bring any of the foods or snacks you prefer.

Things you will need:

-Rubber boots or waterproof hiking shoes

-Working clothes (breathable pants and long sleeve shirt)

-Insect Repellant

-Sleeping bag or sheets

-Biodegradable soap for your body, hair, and clothes (Dr. Bronners or Campsuds is good)

-A quickdry towel

-Reading material or music

Lodging and Meals

Eco-friendly housing for up to ten individuals. Full kitchen, earth oven, wood burning stove, and composting toilets. Camping and Teepee also available.

Meals are prepared by all. Mostly vegetarian and vegan but we also eat chicken once in a while.


Location of Farm

Puriscal, Costa Rica


We are looking for someone to tutor our kids for their GED. Also to help with our horses.

The work includes, evening feeding and stall cleaning, morning feed and clean, grooming horses, turnout and turnout sitting, you will help keep track of equipment and help our interns and clients with general horse care and stable management.

Also you may be called upon to help with hay and other deliveries that can arrive at random times during the day. the minimum stay for volunteers is one to three months or longer.

If you are interested in riding, please have a look at our internship.

Lodging and Meals 

We provide you with a private room and all your meals.


Location of Farm

Patino near Puerto Viejo de Limon


We are a 5.5 hectare farm specializing in spices , edible crops and fruit trees. The work will be mostly processing , and in the gardens , certain hours a week for childcare, We eat organic vegetarian meals. NO CIGARETTE SMOKERS PLEASE.

Situation : organic farm. We are : family  Number of : adults 2 children 1

Accommodation rustic.  Can Accommodate Children : no

Location : near other houses

Work With :processing spices , childcare .gardens

Languages Spoken : English, French, Spanish

Diet : vegetarian OK, vegan OK

Prohibitions : NO SMOKERS , no alcohol

Hours per Day : 5   Days per Week : 5     Minimum Stay (Weeks) : 4

Lodging and Meals 

We offer three vegetarian meals per day with around 90 % organic ingredients.The accomodations are rustic, dirt floor wood walls a nice thatch roof ,no electricity . composting toilet . and a shower .However a magnificent site for bird watchers , beautiful view of the forest canopy , and great beaches close by.


Location of Farm



18 hectares, animals, vegetable garden.

Main responsibilities farm are feeding of animals (dogs, cats and chickens). Can arrange more work (if desired) with costa rican neighbors' projects as well. Carpentry, animal care and making sugar for instance. Would like a 3 month commitment. Can stay longer. Perfect for couple or family as the farm is a remote. No telephone but electricity and the best spring water. Lots of natural beauty around in a peaceful setting with great Tico neighbors near by

Lodging and Meals 

Lodging: house with 2 bedrooms (full and queen bed) living room, office, kitchen, dining room, 1 bath with hot water (shower and tub). Self-serve food can provide small stipend for food allowance.


Location of Farm



We are a 100 hectare all organic farm stationed in the old growth forests of the carribean highlands. We are not your normal beach-tourism town area. we are remote yet surrounded by life of the old growth forests. We have hiking trails on our property and 3000hectares of Costa Rican Reserve attached to our place. A small section of our land is segregated to the production of bamboo, cacao, pineapple and other easily adapted fruits and veggies of our zone. We also have many ongoing projects on the farm like earth plastering, bamboo building, garden maintenance, animal caretaking etc. Our electricity comes from our own hydro turbines and there is a large pond to enjoy for swimming and relaxing.

You are...

A very responsible and caring person who cares deeply and respects the forests and all its inhabitants. Able to do minimal tasks around the farm maintaining upkeep.

Our farm is looking for a Single male to help us with our NEW Natural Building projects. We will work with Bamboo, Wood, Clay for plasters, compost wáter heaters and more.

Remember we have a beautiful lake for swimming and an amazing Rain Forest to Explore!!!

Lodging and Meals 

I have a Lodge with elecricity for the helpers. It has everything. Couches, refrigerator, kitchen, amazing Vistas.


Location of Farm

Ciudad Colon, Mora

Description .  Crops: mango, tangerines, orange, lemon, papaya, coconut, banana, plantain, coffee, yucca, peanut, lettuce, tomato, peppers, cucumber, corn, beans, herbs, flowers, ornamentals and more,

Depending on the season:  Planting, weeding, compost making & spreading, digging, tree pruning, grass cutting, fence maintenance, seed saving, grafting, seed trays, transplanting, journaling, record keeping, bird identification, monkey watch, insect studies.

Lodging and Meals 

There is always tent space, some covered areas, sometimes a furnished apartment available for rent on site. All have modern bathroom with hot water, shower, septic system attached.

There is telephone service, internet connection, secure wireless, computer usage depending on availability. We have a covered kitchen area open for volunteers to cook, expected to share that work with other volunteers. We have available whatever is in season, plus a well-stocked pantry of supplies.

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